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Client Testimonials

My clients are more than just business relationships, they are a community of wonderful people who believe in the power of collaboration, trust, and transparency.

It is my great pleasure to serve them. I invite you to join the community.

08/10/2020 – sonnysngr

Bought a Townhouse home in 2020
in Santa Clara, CA.

Linda is exceptionally skilled and professional in every aspect of the real estate purchase process. We have not experienced a realtor that works harder (and smarter) for a client than Linda. She listens extremely well and took the time to fully understand and deliver on our requirements. Despite an extremely competitive market and many COVID19 challenges, Linda’s persistence, responsiveness and negotiation skills helped us secure a wonderful new home at a fair price.


08/05/2020 – chengbo322

Bought a Single Family home in 2016
in Los Altos Hills, CA.

We were so fortunate to have found Linda as our agent since 2016. As our agent, she has helped us buy a house and a rental. She proved her thorough knowledge of the local market and a good sense of home construction and decoration. Every time we viewed a new property Linda would always guide us a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of decoration, finish, appliances etc. She also led us through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price which met our budget. Other than her professional expertise, she is a kind, diligent and patient person who you will find pleasant to work with.

07/30/2020 – steve1390
Bought a Single Family home in 2019
in Redwood City, CA.

Linda was very competent and knowledgeable and definitely put in the effort to help me find and purchase the right home. Linda was a pleasure to work with, and I would gladly recommend her to friends or family.

07/29/2020 – monicacx777

Bought a Single Family home in 2020
in Redwood City, CA.

I first met Linda at her open house and found her being very objective and genuine in giving house hunting recommendations. Later when she becomes my agent, she recommended to tour houses in many different areas with different price range so that I get a full picture of the housing market. The whole process lasts for more than a year and Linda was never pushy to me. When she submitted offer for me, she always gave very professional recommendations and analyzed pros and cons for every house objectively. She presented offers in person and kept great communications with me and the seller’s agents. After a long journey of house hunting, Linda finally helped me purchase my dream house. So happy with this house buying journey and definitely highly recommend her to friends and families!

07/29/2020 – chaipeihong

Bought a Single Family home in 2018
in Redwood City, CA.

I had a great experience working with Linda. She is a very professional real estate agent at the same time a super nice and honest person that you would like to be friend with. She pays details into details and always put herself in her client’s shoes. She has tremendous experience in real estate, and very patient to answer any questions I got. I am 100% sure that I will work with her in the future for buying or selling. Highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a great real estate partner!

07/29/2020 – sciter

Bought a Single Family home in 2020
in Los Altos, CA.

Linda Wang is extremely patient with us, had been looking for our new home for more than a year. Always thought of us first, not pushing at all. And gave us great advices.

10/23/2018 – Vicente M.

Portland, OR

Linda sold my house in five days. She had me prepare for it, I followed all her suggestions, and she helped me thru every step. When the time came, she knew exactly who to call and, by the end of the week, I was overwhelmed by the amount of offers well beyond our asking price.

I was impressed by and grateful for her assistance. She even found me the realtor that helped me buy my new out-of-state house. I would use Linda’s services again in a heartbeat.

7/19/2017 – Lili N.
San Jose, CA

Linda helped us find and buy our current home and we could not be happier about the experience and outcome. She is not only very knowledgeable but also very approachable, kind and always available to answer our questions and address our concerns. She really took the time to understand our needs and always offered us great advice and honest opinion. During the entire process I always felt I was in good hands and one of the reasons is because she never pushed us to make any decisions. She was genuinely interested in finding the best match for our family and that’s what happened. After buying the house we went through a complete renovation and again Linda was always there to help us through the process. I’m so thankful and appreciative of her time and efforts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area.

4/20/2017 – Jeffrey W.
Mountain View, CA

My wife and I were first-time home buyers. We were overwhelmed by the market when we first started looking. In fact, we were close to giving up owning a home until we met Linda at a random open house. Little did we know that we had met a great agent and a better person.

Linda was very communicative and hardworking. She knew that we were new to the market. She spent a lot of time helping us prioritize our needs. At no point did we feel rushed into any decisions. Linda patiently went over pros and cons of each prospect home and took our feedback to heart. There were times we were intrigued by homes that would mean compromises on our core needs. Instead of pushing us to strike a deal and moving onto the next buyer, Linda stayed the course and gave her honest evaluation. We were glad that we followed Linda’s guidance and didn’t make decisions we’d regret from hindsight. Her positive attitude was always a breeze during the tedious home buying process. She always told us “I will find a perfect home for you!” And…she did!

Linda was also very resourceful. There were no questions unanswered, no stone unturned. Many listing agents were impressed with Linda’s efforts to ask smart questions and address our concerns. In addition to her utmost commitment to clients, Linda was very personable. She valued in-person interactions during the offering process. Unlike most prospect buyers, we presented our offer to the buyer in person. We were able to build the connection and trust, which made the home buying process much smoother.

There are so many good things I’d share about Linda. I just can’t list them all here. She’s that good. We were so grateful to run into her and built a lifelong partnership with Linda. Highly recommend to talk to Linda if you are thinking about your next move.

1/16/2017 – Christina C.
Mountain View, CA

I was very lucky to know Linda through house rental website when I planned to move from Asia to Bay Area 6 months ago. Our family were total new to Bay Area and had time pressures to find a safe place with excellent school district for kids’ education. Linda kept close contact with us before we arrived here. She provided her real estate expertise and long years experience in Bay Area to take care of our needs. Through Linda’s thoughtful and sourceful help, we quickly found an ideal condo within 1 week after we arrived. Linda shows she cares what the client cares and which is the key of Linda’s efficiency to deliver the solutions to the client. And eventually it takes both sides to a win win situation.

11/25/2014 – matthew.k.yuan

Bought a Single Family home in 2014
in Santa Clara, CA.

To whom it may concern, Linda Zhang recently helped us purchase our first home, based on my experiences, I would highly recommend Linda Zhang to anyone who’s looking for an awesome realtor. When it comes down to the closing process and understanding the market Linda is a veteran which makes her invaluable on the quest to purchasing your new home. Throughout the process of looking for a property all the way into closing Linda was there to explain everything in a straightforward and concise manner. She was able to provide insight into things that should be considered and provided us with ample time to consider them while keeping us competitive to the sellers. Linda was also able to accurately articulate the information that she needed from us in order to find a property that suited our price point, needs and help us assess its future potential which was very challenging. Often in my line of work reorienting my schedule is often impossible, luckily Linda was able to work around that by providing me with the support that I needed outside of standard business hours- simply put, she is one of the most responsive and flexible individuals that I have ever worked with. Another of Linda’s strengths is that she is knowledgeable with respect to the homes. If the property that we looked at needed work she has a rolodex full of quality handymen, painters, and contractors at reasonable prices all ready to go which can help to turn the property into your home. I would definitely work with Linda again when I purchase my next property and I encourage you to do the same.


11/24/2014 – Lucila C

Bought a home in 2014
in Redwood Shores, Redwood City, CA 94065.

To whom it may concern, I highly recommended our realtor,Linda Zhang. She helped our son purchased a home in Redwood Shore area. Our son moved to the San Francisco Bay area for his 2-year fellowship program a year ago,and his wife will join him after she completed her 1-year fellowship program in Los Angeles. He was hoping to purchase a home when his wife joined him and to start their married life together for the first time. The real estate market in the Bay area is a hot seller’s market. The inventory of for-sale properties was limited.The competition for one property was severe. My son was not sure how he can find a trust worthy realtor to help him in this situation. Luckily,we met a realtor from Coldwell Banker Realty in one of the open house in Redwood Shore. He introduced us to Linda Zhang to help us. Linda Zhang was highly recommended by her colleagues at Coldwell Banker Realty. She is very professional in her attire and mannerisms,yet very friendly,easy to talk to.She was punctual to appointments,took us to open houses and stayed as long as we need to. Knowing that we are new in the bay area,she answered all our questions patiently,presented us the disclosures,choosing a lender that understood my son’s special situation.She is not afraid of working hard. We would have many late hours of phone conferences to iron out our strategy and how we can win the property that we wanted to put an offer on. Linda made sure she was in communication with the seller and their realtors,so that she understood the seller’s objectives. With that in mind she positioned her strategy to present the best offer to win the property. She was always on the lookouts for the best interest of her own clients With Linda’s guidance,we finally completed purchasing a home in the Redwood Shore. After the close of escrow, she introduced contractors, handymen,and cleaning crews to help my son and my daughter­ in-law to prepare the property before they could finally move in. My son and daughter-in-law absolutely loved the property they purchased. I had purchased homes in Maryland and Los Angeles area and used a number of realtors. I believe my experience with our realtor,Linda Zhang is one on the top of my list. I will definitely use her again when we decide to move to the Bay area. Sincerely, Lucila C

12/22/2016 – Katie H.

Linda helped my partner and I into a condo that was PERFECT for us and our little dog. She is so patient and understanding, and is a true pleasure to work with. Her response time to answer our myriad questions was amazingly fast, and she made us feel as though our little move was her number one priority. Before I was recommended Linda, I had trouble getting other realtors to return my phone calls and emails. The few that did get back to me made it clear that they don’t have time for our tiny budget. I know that Linda has clients selling houses that are worth tens of millions, but her work ethic, friendliness, and ability to actually listen to what we were looking for took our desperate search and turned it into an enjoyable experience. If you want to feel as though you matter in the ridiculous Central CA real estate market, I strongly suggest you call Linda. She prioritizes the human connection over the ‘get rich quick’ business practices that you see so much of in the Valley, and it really shows.

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